Class Timetabling (CTT)

Class Timetabling is a scheduling production software program for use in schools.

Including scheduling teachers from the same year level to simultaneously have their Administration Planning Time (APT) allows them to meet and collaborate their year level’s plan together.

An electronic history of time tables are stored. Retrieving previous timetables to use or edit for current requirement makes this job even easier and quicker.

With the constant changes to curricular and extra-curricular activities that require re-scheduling of staff and classes this can be done easily be creating a new timetable version using CTT or retrieving a previous version.

The chart is colour coded making it easy to read and access at a glance.

The scheduled chart includes report filters for data on Subject, Class teachers and Specialist Teachers.

Staff absences create constant changes to the timetable. Using CTT Reports you can extract data such as which classes need to be filled and available teachers to fill them. If classes can be filled internally then you have saved money by not outsourcing a relief teacher.

Locating where a student should be is easy to with CTT reporting.

CTT reports provides information to assist for planning of events.

Using CTT to produce your school's time table eliminates the onerous task of manually doing it.

CTT is productive by greatly reducing your time spent on doing timetabling which frees your time to be spent on other commitments.

CTT will automatically design your time table. It has the flexibility of making changes if you wish.

CTT avoids clashing teacher and class times thus taking away the challenging task you would normally have to work out yourself.

CTT has facility for you to allocate several teacher's free class times concurrently. This is a great benefit for APT for year level teachers be able to be free at the same time so they can plan together.

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